Kashif Group
Oilfield Services

Kashif Group Oilfield Services provide the products and services necessary to construct, complete and produce oil and gas wells. Services needed to explore, develop and produce an oil and gas basin, to a single, service company like Geolog, specializing in surface data logging for international and offshore drilling projects.
What makes this diverse group a unique actor in the petroleum sector is its relationship to oil company operators. We deliver the engineering necessary to extract their oil on time and on budget.


Our clients benefit from our unrivalled understanding of their technical challenges and unique environmental, geological and cultural conditions that exist within our home markets.


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Our relentless focus on total quality ensures that we exceed clients’ expectations, getting the job done right and cost-effectively each and every time.


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We take an uncompromising approach to business ethics as we consider this to be an essential characteristic of our company.

Sector F28, Bu Al Khawaleet Street
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates .

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