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Kashif Group Construction & Oilfield Services KGCOS was founded in 1982 The founders were determined to provide The best standard engineering, contracting, and  Oilfield Services. During the last ten years Kashif Group Construction & Oilfield Services Group has Grown rapidly.

Distinguishing itself with Their involvement in building developments Kashif Group Construction & Oilfield Services KGCOS has been built and grown With the support and dedication of highly Qualified and experienced professional staff Ensuring to meet time and quality of the projects To fully satisfaction of the client


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Why Us

In order to succeed in U.A.E business market, Kashif Group Construction & Oilfield Services Group makes every positive contribution to ensure that all constructions projects and services are executed in accordance with contract specifications, drawing, within the agreed time frame and quality in an effective manner complying with the client's needs and expectations and to the complete satisfaction of all clients.

The objectives of the quality assurance system within Kashif Group Construction Co. to:


Establish and maintain the proper quality level for all activities.


Achieve company's objectives and policies.


Available utilization of the advanced technology practices in construction field.


Comply with all the contractual require ments and the required clients' specifications.


Commit to continually improving the quality of its projects and services.


Motivate and development of its employees performance through conducting suitable training and awareness programs.


Maintain the reputation in the market place through clients' satisfaction.


Comply with requirements of the statutory regulations of U.A.E.


Comply with requirements of ISO 9001 International Standard.


Create and maintain a healthy and safe work-environment with fully harmonious with its all activities.

Kashif Group contracting company emphasize the principle that every individual is consider responsible for the quality, safety of the work and services they provide.

& Vision

Our mission relies on the strategy of providing our customers with the highest level of quality of work related to construction field with assurance of projects completion in fair time and reasonable cost, we committed to preserve our integrity, honour and act professionally with owners of projects and users.

Sector F28, Bu Al Khawaleet Street
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates .

 +971 557 644 980
 +971 599 000 773
 P.O.Box 66772